Dementia sufferers and their carers feature in a new portrait exhibition
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Dementia sufferers and their carers feature in a new portrait exhibition

Benidorm City Hall is hosting the event, mounted by the Association of Alzheimer's Relatives of La Marina Baixa.

by Benidorm Travel Mart

Benidorm City Council’s Assembly Hall is the setting of an exhibition of 38 photographs by brothers Benjamín and Cristián Serrano.

The exhibition, open to the public until September 15, “aims to recover the essence of the person with Alzheimer’s through portraits showing an intimate, close and personal vision of each one of them,” according to Spanish news outlet El Periódic.

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The exhibition, promoted, coordinated and financed by FEVAFA Alzheimer, was attended by Mayor Toni Pérez, members of the municipal corporation and representatives of various associations and groups in the city.

At the inauguration, Garbiñe Mondragón, President of AFA Marina Baixa, praised those who work with her association.

I want to thank them for their dedication in good times and bad, I am very proud of all of them.

Modragón said the exhibition was created “to see the images with the eyes and with the heart.”

These people are like all of us, they love and want to be loved. We must not forget about it.

She described caregivers as “the great forgotten” and reminded her audience that carers, too, were in need of care and support.

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