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Accessible Holidays in Benidorm: A Guide to Inclusive Travel

by Geoff Gartland

Planning an accessible holiday in Benidorm? My comprehensive guide highlights the top wheelchair-friendly hotels and facilities designed for travelers with mobility needs. Discover how Benidorm caters to everyone, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable holiday experience.

accessible holidays benidorm
Benidorm: Where comfort and enjoyment are guaranteed for all.

Best Wheelchair-Friendly Hotels in Benidorm

When it comes to accessible accommodations, several hotels in Benidorm stand out for their excellent facilities and commitment to comfort for all guests. Here are a few top picks:

Benidorm Plaza

Benidorm Plaza is perfectly situated in the heart of the Old Town, making it an ideal spot for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the city’s rich history and vibrant cultural scene.

Designed with accessibility at the forefront, Benidorm Plaza ensures a comfortable and hassle-free stay for guests with mobility needs. The hotel features rooms equipped with wheel-in showers, shower chairs, and grab rails. For added convenience, guests have the option to hire electric-operated beds.

The hotel’s proximity to the Old Town not only invites guests to explore the winding streets and charming boutiques but also ensures that they can do so with ease.

Hotel Servigroup Orange

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Benidorm, Hotel Servigroup Orange is a standout choice for travelers seeking convenience and thoughtful accommodations. This hotel not only places you minutes away from the bustling city center and beautiful beaches but also prioritises accessibility to ensure comfort for all guests.

Hotel Servigroup Orange is fully equipped to meet the needs of guests with mobility challenges. The rooms feature wheel-in showers, secure grab rails, and the option to hire an electric-operated bed, offering comfort and independence. Additionally, the pool area, with its elegant Roman-style steps, provides easy access.

Beyond accessibility, the hotel is positioned perfectly for guests to enjoy the best of Benidorm’s shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Sol Pelicanos Ocas

Sol Pelicanos Ocas, famed for its appearance in the popular TV show “Benidorm,” is located in the heart of Benidorm’s bustling tourist district, this hotel is a hub of activity and comfort, perfectly suited for guests seeking both entertainment and accessibility.

The hotel is committed to accommodating all guests, featuring a range of thoughtfully designed accessibility options. These include wheel-in showers, shower chairs, grab rails, and the option to hire electric-operated beds, ensuring comfort and independence for guests with mobility needs. Additionally, the pool area is fully accessible, equipped with a ramp and Roman-style steps to provide easy and safe pool access.

Beyond its accessibility features, Sol Pelicanos Ocas offers a lively atmosphere with its large, lagoon-style pools and proximity to Benidorm’s renowned beaches and nightlife, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking for a fun and inclusive vacation experience. Whether you’re a fan of the show or simply in search of a fully accessible and engaging holiday spot, Sol Pelicanos Ocas ensures every guest can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Gran Bali Hotel

The Gran Bali Hotel, one of the tallest hotels in Europe, is celebrated for its accessible facilities and breathtaking views. While it is not within immediate proximity to the center of Benidorm, being several kilometers away, it offers a tranquil retreat near the coast.

The hotel is conveniently located less than a kilometer from the tranquil Poniente Beach and the charming Finestrat Cove, making it an ideal spot for beach enthusiasts. Accessibility features in the hotel include wheel-in showers, grab rails, and the availability of electric-operated beds for hire, catering to guests with mobility needs.

Additionally, the hotel ensures easy access to the pool with both a ramp and Roman-style steps. The Gran Bali Hotel perfectly combines accessibility with the beauty of its coastal setting, providing a comfortable and picturesque base for exploring Benidorm.

Hotel Helios

Hotel Helios stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking an accessible vacation in Benidorm. 

Just a short distance from the vibrant Levante Beach, this hotel places guests at the heart of Benidorm’s leisure activities while offering peace and comfort. Its prime location ensures easy access to the city’s famous nightlife, with a plethora of bars, clubs, and entertainment options nearby.

Guests with disabilities will find well-thought-out accommodations at Hotel Helios, which includes wheel-in showers, shower chairs, and grab rails in bathrooms. The hotel also features a ramp leading into the pool, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a refreshing swim. 

With comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of every guest, Hotel Helios provides a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it a perfect blend of convenience, accessibility, and fun.

RH Victoria

RH Victoria is an ideal choice for guests seeking comfort and accessibility near the heart of Benidorm. Located conveniently close to the charming Old Town, this hotel allows easy access to historical sites, quaint shops, and local dining, enriching your stay with cultural experiences just steps away.

Designed with accessibility in mind, RH Victoria features wheel-in showers, secure grab rails, and Roman-style steps into the pool, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for guests with mobility needs. Whether you are exploring the nearby Old Town or enjoying the hotel’s facilities, RH Victoria combines convenience with thoughtful amenities to provide a truly inclusive and enjoyable stay.

Hotel Brisa

Located directly on the beachfront towards the vibrant Rincon de Loix area, Hotel Brisa offers a stunning backdrop for a perfect beach holiday in Benidorm. This prime location not only provides easy beach access but also places guests close to the lively atmosphere of one of Benidorm’s most popular zones, filled with a variety of entertainment options, shops, and restaurants.

Hotel Brisa is designed to cater to guests with accessibility needs, equipped with wheel-in showers, shower chairs, and grab rails throughout. The hotel’s commitment to safety and convenience is evident in every detail, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free stay for all visitors. With its exceptional location and excellent facilities, Hotel Brisa is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a scenic, accessible stay in Benidorm.

RH Royal

Located directly opposite the RH Victoria, RH Royal enjoys a strategic position close to the charming Benidorm Old Town. This proximity offers guests the convenience of exploring historic streets and local eateries, all within a short distance.

The hotel is equipped with comprehensive accessibility features such as wheel-in showers, shower chairs, grab rails, and Roman-style steps into the pool. Whether you’re here to soak up the culture of the Old Town or relax in the hotel’s friendly confines, RH Royal combines accessibility with a prime location to create a perfect holiday retreat.

Hotel Rio Park

Medplaya Hotel Rio Park is dedicated to ensuring a welcoming and accessible experience for all guests. This hotel not only boasts advanced accessibility features but also provides a vibrant atmosphere perfect for any Benidorm visitor.

It is equipped with wheel-in showers, sturdy grab rails, and multiple pool access options including a ramp, a pool hoist, and Roman-style steps, facilitating ease of use for guests with varying mobility needs.

Located in a lively area of Benidorm, Medplaya Hotel Rio Park is just moments away from popular entertainment venues and bustling city life. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool or venture out into the city, Medplaya Hotel Rio Park provides the perfect base for a memorable holiday.

Easy Access with Comprehensive Mobility Rentals

In addition to accessible accommodations, Benidorm also caters to visitors with mobility needs through specialised rental services. Several local companies offer a wide range of mobility equipment, including mobility scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, rollators, as well as bath and bed accessories. For added convenience, these companies provide a delivery service directly to your hotel. This service ensures that everything you need for a comfortable and accessible stay is ready and waiting for you upon arrival, allowing you to navigate and enjoy Benidorm with ease and confidence.

accessible holidays benidorm

Exploring Benidorm’s Disabled Facilities

Accessibility in Benidorm extends beyond hotel rooms. The city is equipped with accessible public transportation and flat, navigable streets. Benidorm’s main beaches, such as Levante and Poniente, are equipped with wooden walkways that make the sand accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The beaches also offer amphibious chairs, allowing everyone to enjoy the Mediterranean waters. Lifeguards are trained to assist, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience by the sea. You can read more in detail about the facilities for disabled people at the beach on the Visit Benidorm website

accessible holidays benidorm
Experience Accessibility at its Best: Benidorm’s Beaches Welcome Everyone.

Planning Your Stay: Tips for Accessible Holidays in Benidorm

Booking Your Trip

When planning your journey to Benidorm, consider the benefits of engaging with a travel agent like myself who can streamline every aspect of your trip. From arranging package holidays with airport assistance and adapted transfers directly from the airport to your hotel, a professional can tailor each detail to your needs.
This bespoke service not only simplifies your travel logistics but also enhances your overall experience, allowing you to enjoy a seamless and stress-free arrival in Benidorm.

airport assistance
Seamless Travel Starts Here: Expert Airport Assistance Ensuring a Smooth Journey.

As a destination-based travel agent for Resort Experts, I also offer unique in-resort assistance should it be necessary during your stay. This personalised service ensures all your specific needs are met, making your travel stress-free and tailored to your requirements.

Exploring Accessible Cultural Venues and Attractions

Many of Benidorm’s cultural venues, such as the Benidorm Palace and the Aqualandia Water Park, are fully equipped to accommodate visitors with disabilities. The Benidorm Palace, for example, offers special seating arrangements for those in wheelchairs, along with accessible restrooms and parking spaces. Aqualandia features accessible changing areas and pools with graduated entry points.

Shopping in Accessible Markets

The outdoor market in the Rincon de Loix area is a flat, accessible shopping destination where you can purchase everything from local crafts to fresh produce. The aisles are wide and uncluttered, suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and vendors are accommodating to all visitors.

benidorm disabled facilities

In conclusion, Benidorm is a model city for accessible travel, with accommodations and activities available to ensure that everyone can enjoy their holiday to the fullest. Whether it’s lounging on the beach, exploring the vibrant nightlife, or simply enjoying the local cuisine, Benidorm welcomes all visitors with open arms. Learn more about accessible Benidorm on the Vist Benidorm website

Are you ready to explore Benidorm? Contact me today to book your accessible holiday and experience the best that Benidorm has to offer.

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