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Sharp Increase in Spain Holiday Costs for Brits: Expert’s Warning

by Benidorm Travel Mart

Rising Holiday Costs to Spain

Brits looking to book summer holidays in Spain face a stark warning: prepare for a significant rise in costs. Economist Gonzalo Bernardos, a professor at the University of Barcelona with extensive media presence and author of several economic publications, reports a sharp increase in hotel prices driven by high post-pandemic demand. The Spanish tourism sector has rebounded robustly, leading to a notable rise in overnight stays. This surge in demand has pushed accommodation rates to unprecedented levels.

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Benidorm is a popular destination for British holiday makers.

The Impact of Increased Demand

The outlook for those yet to secure their bookings is clear: expect to encounter much higher prices. This price hike is primarily attributed to the surge in demand as travelers flock back to popular destinations like Barcelona, Madrid, and the coastal resorts such as Benidorm. Hotels and other accommodations are capitalising on this demand, adjusting their prices accordingly.

Accommodation prices in cities like Barcelona are rising.

How to Mitigate Financial Impact

Travelers are advised to book as early as possible to mitigate the financial impact. Those flexible with their travel dates might find better deals during off-peak times. Additionally, considering alternative accommodations such as vacation rentals or less touristy destinations can help manage costs.

Planning Ahead for a Stress-Free Holiday

Planning ahead is more crucial than ever. You can still enjoy a memorable Spanish getaway without breaking the bank by staying informed and exploring all options.

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Enjoy a stress-free Spanish getaway despite the price hike!

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