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All-Inclusive Ease: Why Package Holidays Trump Self-Booked Adventures

by Geoff Gartland

In an age where travel options are endless, choosing between a package holiday and a self-booked trip can seem like navigating a labyrinth. While some swear by the thrill of piecing together every part of their journey, others prefer the simplicity and security of package holidays. If you’re weighing the pros and cons, let’s delve into why package holidays could be your ticket to a stress-free holiday, with a little insight into how my services can make your travel planning effortless—at no extra cost!

package holidays
Package holidays handle all the logistics, letting you focus on what matters—enjoying your trip.

What are Package Holidays and Self-Booked Trips?

Package holidays are all-inclusive trips where the tour operator provides flights, accommodations, and often other services like transfers and meals in one bundled price. On the flip side, self-booked trips involve independently arranging each component, typically online, to tailor the journey.

While self-booking gives you a sense of control, it also demands a good chunk of your time and energy. Package holidays offer a streamlined alternative, promising not just convenience but also reliability and protection, aspects we’ll explore next.

book a package holiday benidiorm
The costs can quickly add up when you DIY your holiday.

Comparing Costs

Consider this: you’re planning a week-long vacation to Benidorm. A self-booked trip might initially seem cheaper with basic online deals. However, when you start adding transfers, good hotels, and flights that don’t have you waking up at 3 AM, the costs stack up. Contrast that with a package holiday where, for example, a £650 deal covers your entire stay, flights, and peace of mind. Plus, with packages, you often gain access to special rates not available to public bookings.

Comparing Costs: Real-Time Case Study

To illustrate the cost benefits of package holidays, let’s look at a real-time comparison of a family vacation to the Magic Crystal Park, a 3-star hotel, for 2 adults and 2 children from June 1, 2024, to June 8, 2024, flying from Manchester.

Self-Booked Trip Costs:

  • Accommodation: Booking via Booking.com at Magic Crystal Park, all-inclusive board: £1009
  • Flights: Ryanair return flights with bags included: £740
  • Transfers: Return shuttle transfer: £70
  • Total Cost: £1819

Package Holiday Costs:

  • EasyJet Holiday Package: Initially priced at £1609, with a promotional sale reducing it by £100, bringing the total to £1508

The package holiday offers a significant saving of £311 compared to booking each component separately. This saving effectively becomes additional spending money for your holiday!

Convenience and Time-Saving Benefits

travel planning
Save £311 with a package holiday—no hassle, just more holiday cash!

Booking a holiday package cuts down on the hours spent scouring multiple websites for deals. It’s one booking, one payment, and everything’s done. You’re not juggling between tabs to match flight times with hotel check-ins, or worrying about transfer costs. Package holidays handle all the logistics, letting you focus on what matters—enjoying your trip.

holiday savings
Save time and skip the hassle—book a package holiday and start relaxing sooner!

Consumer Protection and Assistance

Package holidays come with a safety net. Protected by laws such as ATOL and ABTA, these deals ensure that you’re covered if the operator fails. Contrast this with self-booked trips where each component’s failure could mean losing money without recourse. Moreover, having support when things go awry abroad is invaluable—package holidays often include representatives to assist with any issues on the ground.

Quality and Reliability

When booking a package holiday, you’re buying a product that’s been vetted and curated by experts. There’s a standard of quality and service that operators strive to maintain. Self-booking, however, can be hit or miss. That five-star hotel seen online? It might turn out to be more of a three-star when you arrive.

package holidays
Choose a package holiday for quality and service guaranteed by experts—avoid the gamble of self-booking surprises.

Tailored Experiences vs. One-Size-Fits-All

Contrary to popular belief, package holidays can be tailored. Many operators offer options to customise your trip—from choosing your room type to selecting excursions. You get the foundation of convenience with the flexibility to make it your own.

holiday savings
Ready for a hassle-free holiday where all the planning is taken care of at no extra cost?


Package holidays provide a compelling blend of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and security. They simplify travel by minimizing the unexpected, often for less than you’d spend piecing the trip together yourself.

Ready for a hassle-free holiday where all the planning is taken care of at no extra cost? Contact me today, and let me handle all the hard work from searching for the perfect package holiday and more!


  • How much can I save by choosing a package holiday?
    Savings can vary, but packages often offer
  • What exactly is included in most package holidays?
    Typically, flights, accommodation, transfers, and sometimes meals and activities.

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