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Discover the Perks of Off-Season Travel to Benidorm in October and November

by Geoff Gartland

Imagine swapping the chilly, grey skies of the UK for the warm, sunny embrace of Benidorm this autumn. October and November in Benidorm offer not just comfortable weather but also fantastic deals on luxury accommodations. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the tranquility of lesser crowds and better service while indulging in upscale hotels that fit nicely into your budget.

Why Choose Benidorm in the Off-Season?

Fewer Crowds

During October and November, Benidorm sheds its summer tourist peak, offering a more relaxed atmosphere that’s ideal for exploring. Without the queues and crowds, you can take your time at attractions, stroll along the beachfront promenades, and secure the best spots at cafes and restaurants with ease. The city’s vibrant nightlife continues, but with a more laid-back vibe, perfect for those looking to enjoy their evenings without the hustle and bustle.

Benidorm autumn deals
Peaceful shores await. Discover the serene side of Benidorm on its less crowded beaches this autumn.

Cost-Effective Travel

Traveling to Benidorm during these months can significantly reduce your expenses. Hotels and airlines drop their prices to attract visitors in the quieter periods, making it possible to enjoy the luxuries of upscale accommodations and flights at a fraction of their usual cost. Additionally, local shops and attractions often offer discounts to encourage off-season tourism, helping your holiday budget stretch even further.

Enhanced Personal Experience

Service in Benidorm during the off-peak season is typically more personalized and attentive. With fewer guests to attend to, staff can provide you with a more tailored experience, whether you’re dining out, checking into your hotel, or seeking local recommendations. This personal touch can make your holiday feel extra special.

Optimal Event Timing

The off-season in Benidorm coincides with several cultural festivals and events that are not as widely attended by international tourists, giving you a more authentic and enriching cultural experience. From traditional Spanish fiestas to local music and food festivals, the events during these months allow you to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Spanish culture.

Weather Comparison: Benidorm vs. UK in Autumn

Benidorm’s Autumn Climate

In Benidorm, the autumn months are characterized by a pleasantly mild climate, which is a stark contrast to the colder conditions starting to take hold in the UK. Average temperatures comfortably sit between 18°C to 25°C, with over 6 hours of sunshine a day, providing a perfect setting for those wanting to escape the dreary British weather. The sea also retains much of its summer warmth, making swimming and water sports particularly enjoyable.


While the UK heads into some of its wettest months in October and November, Benidorm experiences very little rainfall. The occasional showers are usually short-lived and mild, ensuring that any plans you have are unlikely to be washed out.

Off-season travel Benidorm
Swap the rain for some sunhine with an out of season package holiday deal.

UK’s Autumn Weather

In comparison, the UK during these months sees temperatures that can drop below 10°C, accompanied by frequent rain and overcast skies. This shift in weather not only affects the mood but also limits outdoor activities.

golf benidorm
Tee off in paradise. Experience the lush greens of Benidorm’s golf courses with fewer crowds and cooler weather.

Benefits for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The warm, dry weather in Benidorm during these months is ideal for hiking, golfing, and exploring the natural beauty of the Costa Blanca coastline. Whether it’s visiting the cliff-top trails of Serra Gelada Natural Park or walking the cobbled streets of the Old Town, the weather conditions are perfect for all-day adventures without the discomfort of summer heat or the unpredictability of spring showers.

Highlighting Top Package Holiday Deals for October and November 2024

Benidorm boasts some of the most exquisite hotels along the Costa Blanca, celebrated for their exceptional service, comprehensive amenities, and breathtaking views of the coastline. During the peak travel season, these high-end accommodations typically command steep prices, often making them unattainable for many holidaymakers. However, during the more tranquil months of October and November, the scenario changes dramatically. Prices drop significantly, turning these otherwise premium hotels into accessible luxury escapes. This price adjustment transforms luxury travel from a dream into a reality for a broader range of travelers, offering a taste of high-end living without the hefty price tag. Below are some of the best package holiday deals available at these elite hotels for the autumn season of 2024:

Gold Arcos Hotel

Luxury hotels Benidorm October
Luxury meets affordability — your serene escape awaits at Gold Arcos Hotel this autumn.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Benidorm, this hotel is a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. Offering a bed and breakfast package from October 31 to November 7 for only £685 per person, this deal includes round-trip transfers and ATOL protection, presenting a rare opportunity to enjoy luxury at half the peak season rate.

Ambassador Playa I

Benidorm autumn deals
Dive into comfort with spectacular savings at Ambassador Playa I. Perfect your holiday plans with us!

Known for its lively atmosphere and prime location near top attractions, this hotel offers a half-board stay from November 2 to November 9 at a discounted price of £520 per person. This package not only includes a significant £182 off but also comes with all transfers and ATOL protection included, making it an exceptional value.

Barcelo Benidorm Beach

Luxury hotels Benidorm October
Wake up to seafront splendor at Barcelo Benidorm Beach. Unforgettable views at unbeatable prices.

This hotel appeals to those seeking modern amenities and stunning views of the seafront. With a special offer for a bed and breakfast stay from November 29 to December 6 priced at £644 per person, guests can enjoy a £109 discount along with the usual benefits of transfers and ATOL protection.

Cimbel Hotel

Off-season travel Benidorm
Elegance on the edge of the ocean. Discover the charm of Cimbel Hotel with exclusive autumn deals.

Renowned for its luxurious ambiance and sweeping sea views, Cimbel offers an unmatched experience in Benidorm. Keep an eye out for upcoming details on a special week-long package from October 16 to October 23, which includes comprehensive benefits like transfers and ATOL protection.

Don Pancho Hotel

don pancho benidorm
Refinement redefined at Don Pancho Hotel. Experience premium hospitality this off-season.

Esteemed for its refined decor and attentive service, this hotel provides a bed and breakfast package from October 16 to October 23 for £735 per person. This is a splendid chance to indulge in upscale accommodation at a manageable cost.

Innside Costablanca

Where modern chic meets coastal bliss. Stay at Innside Costablanca for a stylish retreat.

With its stylish, contemporary design, this hotel is ideal for those looking to merge luxury with cultural exploration. It offers a half-board package from October 6 to October 14 for £883 per person, including an £83 discount and all the usual perks of transfers and ATOL protection.

Presidente Hotel

Vibrant stays at vibrant rates. Make Presidente Hotel your home away from home this autumn.

Famous for its vibrant atmosphere and top-tier facilities, the Presidente offers a half-board deal from October 31 to November 7 for just £576 per person, highlighting the affordability of luxury in the off-season

These deals not only provide incredible savings but also an opportunity to enjoy Benidorm’s luxury accommodations, which might otherwise be beyond the budget of many during the busier summer months. Booking a stay during these off-peak times allows travelers to indulge in a lavish holiday experience, complete with all the amenities these top hotels offer, at a fraction of the cost.

Book your holiday before May 5th, 2024, and snag an additional £100 off these already discounted rates. Early bookings also secure the best choices in accommodations and flights. Contact me today for an up-to-date, no-obligation quote.


An off-season trip to Benidorm offers a serene, more personal experience of the city’s charms, at prices that allow for indulgence without the splurge. October and November might just be the new best time to visit.

Interested in these deals? Contact me through WhatsApp at 0034 637708491, Facebook, email geoff.gartland@resort-experts.com, or chat with me live on WhatsApp now, I’m almost always online!

These offers are time-limited, so act fast to make your next holiday truly memorable.


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