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Benidorm’s Sunbed Saga: The Dawn Race for the Best Beach Spot

by Benidorm Travel Mart

Benidorm, the sun-soaked Spanish resort town, is no stranger to tourists flocking to its beaches. But recently, a new kind of competition has emerged, heating up the sands even before the sun does: the race for the best sunbed spots.

The Early Bird Gets the Sunbed

It seems the age-old strategy of waking up early to claim the best sunbeds by the shoreline has reached new heights in Benidorm. Recent reports and photographs reveal locals setting up their sunbeds and umbrellas in the dark, hours before the first rays of sunlight hit the beach. By the time many British holidaymakers are waking up or even finishing their late-night parties, the prime spots by the sea are already taken.

This phenomenon isn’t limited to the beaches. Many of us have witnessed the sunbed dash around hotel pools, with some even trying to reserve their spots the night before. But the pre-dawn beach setup is a new level of commitment.

benidorm sunbed saga
Sun, sea, and a sea of sunbathers! 🏖️ Every spot is claimed on this bustling beach day.

Council’s Take on the Benidorm Sunbed Saga

Benidorm’s council is well aware of this early morning ritual. They’ve clarified that while some locals do set up early, they often take a stroll along the beach, enjoying the cooler temperatures before the day heats up. However, leaving personal belongings unattended on the beach, especially if it leads to conflicts, is frowned upon. The local police have the authority to remove such items if they’re deemed abandoned.

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Monica Gomez, Benidorm’s Councillor for Beaches and the Environment, emphasized that the early risers aren’t intentionally trying to deprive British tourists of prime beach spots. It’s a tradition for some Spaniards to start their beach day early, leaving those who arrive later to find spots further from the shoreline.

A Universal Phenomenon?

The sunbed wars aren’t exclusive to Benidorm. From Bali to other Spanish resorts, tourists worldwide have shared tales of the lengths some will go to secure the best lounging spots. Whether it’s laying out towels the evening before or waking up at the crack of dawn, the quest for the perfect sunbed spot is universal.

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In Conclusion

While the sunbed saga in Benidorm adds a touch of drama to a beach holiday, it’s essential to remember the vastness and beauty of the beaches. Whether you’re on the shoreline or a few meters back, the sun, sea, and sand remain the same. So, next time you’re in Benidorm, maybe enjoy a lie-in, head to the beach a bit later, and soak up the sun without the stress of the sunbed race.

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