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Costa Blanca Classic Car Tour: Experience Iconic Spots in Style

by Benidorm Travel Mart

The Costa Blanca, with its pristine beaches, picturesque towns, and winding roads, offers a unique experience for travelers. But imagine exploring this Spanish gem in a classic car, feeling the thrill of vintage luxury combined with the modern beauty of the region. This is precisely what the Classic Car Half-Day Tour on the Costa Blanca offers.

Why Choose a Classic Car Tour?

Vintage Luxury

costa blanca classic car

There’s an unparalleled charm in driving a classic car. The blend of old-world elegance with the scenic beauty of the Costa Blanca makes for an unforgettable journey. Whether you’re winding your way along coastal roads or heading up to the mountains, the experience is enhanced tenfold in a vintage vehicle.


Whether you’re an enthusiast wanting to take the wheel or someone looking to sit back and enjoy the ride, the tour caters to both. Opt for a self-drive or choose a chauffeured experience.

All-Inclusive Experience

No hidden costs here. The tour price includes fuel, comprehensive insurance, and even walkie talkies to keep in touch with guides during the drive. Plus, refresh with complimentary coffee or tea during your journey.


The tour is designed for drivers between 30 to 75 years of age, ensuring safety and comfort.

The Journey

classic car benissa

Starting from Club 55 in Moraira, the tour takes you through a series of iconic spots:

Benissa: A coastal town with fabulous sea views.

Jalon Valley: Known for its vibrant vineyards and blossoms, this valley offers a picturesque drive.

Carrer Coll de Rates: Ascend this famous mountain climb, offering panoramic views of the Costa Blanca and the distant Ibiza.

Castell de Castells: Experience the thrill of mountain driving with features like the ‘big dipper’ and the ‘helter skelter’.

Parque Natural del Montgo: Drive alongside the majestic Montgo Mountain, renowned for its changing hues.

Carretera del Cap de Sant Antoni: A winding coastal road leading to a lighthouse, offering 270-degree water views.

Javea: A beautiful coastal town with a port and beach area.

Cumbre del Sol: Concluding the tour, this spot offers panoramic views of the coastline and the Balearic Islands.

costa blanca classic car

In Conclusion

The Classic Car Half-Day Tour on the Costa Blanca is more than just a drive; it’s an experience. It’s about feeling the wind in your hair as you drive a vintage car, the thrill of discovering hidden spots, and the joy of creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, this tour promises a unique adventure. So, buckle up and get ready for a classic journey through the heart of the Costa Blanca.

For more details and to book your spot, you can follow this link or alternativeley click on the widget below.

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