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Interesting read, and yes Spain is on the green list

by Benidorm Travel Mart

THE UK is considering using a traffic light system to allow holidays to go ahead this summer, depending on the risk they pose regarding Covid cases and new variants.

“Green” countries would be able to open up to British holidaymakers while “red” countries would remain on the UK’s ban list.

The three-tiered system could see passengers flying to certain countries exempt from pre-departure tests and a mandatory quarantine when they return if on the “green” list.

“Amber” countries may not be on the travel ban list but may require some travel restrictions such as Covid tests or quarantines.

However those looking to get away to higher risk “red” destinations could face tough restrictions such as extra Covid-19 tests and an isolation period or even a full ban on non-essential travel.

There are 35 countries currently on the UK’s “red list” which includes the UAE, South America and South African nations.

Portugal was removed from the list earlier this month but there are fears that France could be added.

Here are which countries could be on the green list – and which are to stay on the red list.


While Spain is the most popular holiday destination for Bris, the country will need to reduce new Covid cases and increase their vaccine rollout.

The country has plans to vaccinate 70 per cent of the population by the summer which could open travel across the mainland and the islands.

However, the UK is likely to open the borders but still require travel restrictions to the country.

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