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Spain tells EU ‘we want UK visitors to stay indefinitely’

Brussels is being pressurised to allow Brits to remain in Spain for as long as they choose.

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As a consequence of Brexit, Brits travelling to Spain and other EU countries are only allowed to stay for up to 90 days within every 180 days but Spain is negotiating with the EU to have these restrictions lifted.

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The Daily Express reports that Spanish Tourism Secretary Fernando Valdés, above, said the EU-wide rule is proving disadvantageous for his country as Spain relies heavily on tourism from UK holidaymakers.

Valdes said:

Unfortunately, this is not something Spain has established by itself or can get rid of. It is true that after Brexit some problems have emerged with people wanting to stay longer.

He added:

It is in our interest to lobby and convince the EU we can try to work an exception with them. But the solution must come from them.

The paper also reported that, In a bid to circumvent the EU, the UK and Spanish governments are also negotiating a bilateral agreement that would not require Brussels’ approval on British workers in Spain.

Sunny holiday destinations hope to attract Britons looking to escape their soaring energy bills. “Thermal tourism” is a trend where British people fly to cheaper and warmer European countries to escape the UK winter.

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Greece’s Tourism Minister, Vassilis Kikilias, above, said:

Our doors are open 12 months round, our friends in northern Europe should know this. They should head here for winter.

A Greek advertising campaign reads:

Wanna feel 20 again? With warm winter temperatures up to 20 degrees, Greece is the place to be.

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