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Benidorm Baking hot today!

by Benidorm Travel Mart
So lovely to see the sun terraces busy with happy smiley faces in Benidorm today.
Packed beaches today and you could smell the suntan lotion. I was out filming for the Spanish daily prime time programme ‘Espana en Directo’ this afternoon.
Benidorm is always a hot topic for TV at holiday times and more so this year as it’s so quiet.  Yet normally the resort would literally be bursting at the seams at Easter as the Spanish nationals flock to our shores.
And there are indeed Spaniards here right now. You can identify them mostly by their attire; Brits dress for the Benidorm weather and the Spaniards dress for the month. April is way too early to shed your anorak in these parts!
We popped in to see Paige at The Why Not bar – the only bar open in the first half of the famous ‘strip’ of Calle Gerona. Paige confirmed first hand that she’d normally be rushed off her feet.
But we both agreed it’s only a matter of time now. And that as soon as you can join us you will, we’re confident… and our glorious sunshine will make sure of it!
With the lifting of restriction, Benidorm holidays could be back in no time at all. We so look forward to seeing tourists here enjoying their time in Benidorm as they have for decades. There will be some great offers on Benidorm Hotels and Apartments so keep checking back on our page. So let’s hope the sun keeps shining and that the weather in Benidorm holds up over the next few weeks.
Courtesy of Benidorm Forever
Benidorm Terraces

Busy terraces today in Benidorm

TV interview Bar owner in Benidorm

Spanish TV was out today interviewing local bar owners.

Terraces in Benidorm

Busy on the terraces today in Benidorm

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