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Discover Benidorm: A Gem on the Costa Blanca

by Benidorm Travel Mart

Unique and Beautiful Benidorm Beaches

benidorm beaches
Over 5kms of golden sandy beaches.

Benidorm is a special place for a holiday. Its beaches, like Levante and Poniente, are perfect for Benidorm Family Holidays. With golden sands and clear blue waters, they’re ideal for both fun and relaxation. Families love these beaches because they’re safe and have lots to do.

Family Holidays in Benidorm

benidorm family holidays
Enjoying the sun and sand on Benidorm’s stunning Levante Beach.

Choosing Benidorm Family Holidays means fun for everyone. The city’s parks, Terra Mitica and Aqualandia are full of thrilling rides. Plus, the beaches are perfect for kids to play safely.

Budget Travel in Benidorm

benidorm budget travel
Benidorm is perfect for travellers watching their spending.

Budget Travel in Benidorm is easy. There are many affordable places to stay. Eating out can be cheap, and enjoying the beaches costs nothing. Benidorm is perfect for travelers watching their spending.

Discovering Hidden Gems in Benidorm

Benidorm has many hidden spots. The Old Town is full of narrow streets and tasty food. Places like Algar Waterfalls are peaceful and beautiful, great for a day trip.

Mal Pas Beach in the Old Town.

Off-Season Travel in Benidorm

Benidorm Off-Season Travel has its charm. The city is quieter, and you can enjoy local life more. Autumn to spring is a great time to explore Benidorm’s cultural side.

A peaceful Benidorm beach scene during the tranquil off-season months.

Geoff’s Insider Tips

I suggest exploring Benidorm on foot or by bike. The tapas in the Old Town are a must-try. A boat trip around Benidorm Island is also a great idea.

More Than Just Beaches

Benidorm isn’t just about beaches. It has interesting museums, art, and different kinds of food. If you’re adventurous, try hiking, cycling, or water sports around the city.

Explore Benidorm on foot or by bike for a different perspective of the city.


Benidorm is perfect for any kind of holiday. I’m here to help you find the best of Benidorm. Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday, a cultural experience, or something adventurous, Benidorm has it all.

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