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Donations sought for UK lad injured in Benidorm accident

Alfie Nicholas was badly injured in a mobility scooter crash that claimed the life of his gran, Janet Hobbs. He is recovering in Spain.

by Benidorm Travel Mart

Last month Alfie, 11, on holiday in Benidorm with his grandparents Janet and John Nicholas, was seriously injured when the two-seater mobility scooter he was riding with his gran plunged off a cliff.

The tragic accident claimed the life of Janet, and Alfie is now recovering from severe injuries sustained in the tragic crash.

Janet Nicholas. Image supplied by Jordan Hedley

Loraine Trent-Hedley, Alfie’s other gran, says in a fundraiser she launched:

I have started this fundraiser so that everybody who knows and cares about Alfie could unite to provide some funds for him to have something nice to look forward to when he is well again. He will need a lot of dental work, and possibly more scans and surgery in the future for his jaw, broken bones, and fractured skull, so he will have many painful procedures when he comes home.

She hopes to raise £1,000. To date, people have donated more than £2,600.

According to this report, on August 24, the scooter, returning from the city’s famous mountain-top cross, raced across a road and hit a barrier, throwing Janet over the cliff edge. Alfie went headfirst into the barrier. He was taken to hospital with multiple injuries while parents Jordan Hedley and Tom Nicholas were back home in the UK unaware of what had happened.

Mum Jordan said:

It lost control going round a bend and went straight across a road into some barriers. She got flung from it and went straight over, there was a cliff edge, and she went straight off a cliff edge. My son, thank God, hit the barrier at some speed… leading to his injuries.

Jordan, who is desperate to get her son back home to the UK, said:

They said the surgery needed to be done in Spain and they had to keep observations on him because of his skull fracture, we think by the sounds of it we’ll have to stay here for another week or two. At the moment they’re not allowing him to fly.

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