Recycled plastic bottle-tops help folk with special needs
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Recycled plastic bottle-tops help folk with special needs

Charity scheme to help people with medical requirements gets support from Benidorm Council.

by Benidorm Travel Mart

If you happened to be in the vicinity of Benidorm’s city hall this week you would have noticed a heart-shaped container and wondered what it was for. The answer is that it’s the city’s first receptacle for plastic bottle tops, and others will soon follow.

Photo credit: Benidorm City Council

This report explains that that bottle cap collections have become increasingly popular in Spain in recent years. These caps are used to raise funds to meet medical costs not covered by the Spanish national health system and to help the needy to buy orthopaedic equipment they cannot afford.

The “Caps for a New Life” campaign by the Fundación Seur and Acteco (an Erum Group company) began with a campaign to collect of more than 30 tons of plastic caps.

The transport and courier service took care of all the logistics needed to deliver all the contributions to Acteco, which specialises in recycling these types of plastic. 

The result of the campaign was two cheques for 8,000 which were used to help the families of two children with rare diseases.

Two youngesters who have benefited from the charity scheme

Adrián Martínez suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy and apnoea.  A total of 22.33 tons of bottle caps were collected to help pay to adapt the bathroom in his home to improve his mobility and provide him with a better quality of life.

Angie Aguirre suffers from cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair to get about. Eight tons of bottle caps were collected to help her.

The Erum group is one of a group of organisations that have provided schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, restaurants, food stores, and private individuals with boxes to collect this type of waste which tends to go straight in the bin but can be used for charitable purposes.

Euro Weekly News reported this week that Benidorm City Council is supporting the plastic cap and lid collection programme in collaboration with the Fundación Seur. It has signed an agreement that will see the placement of special containers in various parts of the resort.

Councilor for the Environment, Monica Gomez, said:

Funds raised will be used for the help and assistance of minors in a state of need due to diseases not covered by ordinary health systems.

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