New scheme will give over-50s in Benidorm a free travel card worth €10
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New scheme will give over-50s in Benidorm a free travel card worth €10

The Citizen's Card will initially offer reduced public transport fares to registered residents. Other benefits will later be added.

by Barry Duke

From September 12, people over 50, registered as Benidorm residents, will be able to apply for the card at the City Hall. The scheme is intended to encourage better use of public transport in the city.

According to this Spanish report, the initiative is an extension of for the Gold Card scheme, which provided people over 65 with discounted travel. (I wrote about the benefits Tarjeta Oro at the end of August).

Under the news scheme, people like myself who currently hold a Tarjeta Ora, can exchange it for the Citizen’s Card. The only documentation you will need to show is your DNI or NIE.

More than 1,000 Gold Card holders have already exchanged it, and a further 531 are awaiting their new card, which comes with a credit balance of €10. It can then be topped up on any bus with either €10 or €20.

The City Council has received a subsidy of €1.1 million from the Ministry of Mobility, Transport and Urban Agenda to finance the scheme.

Requirements for getting a Tarjeta Ciudadana

First-time applicants for the Citizen’s Card (Tarjeta Ciudadana) must be registered residents over 50 years of age who will need to apply for it at the General Registry of the City Council, on the ground floor of the City Hall. There they will need fill in a form and produce a passport-sized photo plus identification.

This face-to-face service is provided in Spanish, English, Russian and French.

Applicants should receive their new cards within a fortnight. The card will be issued free of charge, but if it is lost or stolen a replacement will cost €4.

Image via YouTube

The Councilor for Citizen Participation, Ana Pellicer, above, said that the scheme will be gradually opened up to all Benidorm citizens over the age of three.

Pellicer also indicated that, “in the near future”, those wanting a Cititzen’s Card will be able to apply for it online.

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