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Benidorm cleaning trucks are out in force

The City Council declares September 'deep-cleaning' month as summer tourism levels subside.

by Benidorm Travel Mart

After a “summer of maximum tourist occupancy”, Benidorm City Council this month launched an “extraordinary” cleaning campaign aimed at reaching areas of the resort that are difficult to access during the summer season.

Image courtesy Diputación de Alicante

The councilor in charge of street cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate, above, is quoted in this report as saying that the cleaning campaign will reach all neighborhoods and park-and-ride parks in the city.

He said that while extra measures had been taken during the summer months to maintain Benidorm’s high levels of cleanliness, the sheer number of visitors to the resort in 2022 made cleaning operations “more complex.”

He explained that during the summer

Cleaning has been intensified at the busiest points, and although action has been taken throughout the city, it has not been possible to do so in all corners with the same depth and thoroughness as at other times of the year. Hence, now that the occupation and the volume of people have decreased, we can allocate more means to this extraordinary campaign and reach all points of the municipal area, including peripheral green areas.

Mayor calls on citizens to collaborate with the campaign

Image via YouTube

Benidorm’s Mayor, Toni Pérez, above, said that “we calculate that in 30 days, this action will have reached all areas.” and has stressed that:

The results of this extraordinary effort can only be maintained over time with the collaboration of all. Keeping our streets clean and free of odours is a task in which we must all get involved

De Zárate has asked pet owners to help as much as possible by picking up and responsibly disposing of their animal’s excrement and rinsing spots where they have urinated.

Reuse of water from swimming pools

It takes a great deal of water to hose down Benidorm’s streets, and De Zárate said that some of the water would come from the Palau d’Esports l’Illa swimming pool.

Every year when the pool is emptied at the end of August to carry out maintenance work, we carry out this same operation of collecting and reusing this water, thus guaranteeing maximum use.

The counselor added that people who intend to empty their pools should contact that council to collect it rather than pour it into the sewer system.

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