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Rochdale mazazine publishes a Brits in Benidorm photo collection

Oliver Jackson captures the joy of post-lockdown life in the the resort during a whirlwind tour.

by Benidorm Travel Mart

The magazine, simply called 01706—dedicated to “showcase real life and youth culture in Rochdale, Greater Manchester”—has focused its attention on Benidorm by publishing a series of pictures by local photographer Oliver Jackson in its fifth edition.

Jackson, according to this Creative Boom report, accompanied the Woolworth FC Sunday league team to the resort in June and later 01706 created a fun-in-the-sun album that shows images Jackson captured of the group.

Writing for Creative Boom, Dom Carter said:

Taken in June 2022, these photographs are especially interesting as they mark the first tentative steps to get abroad and enjoy holidays again now that the worst of the pandemic has passed.

He quoted Jackson as saying:

The photographs were taken wherever we went with no set plan; most were shot on the Calle Gerona strip where the famous Red Lion pub is situated. Benidorm felt more English than England, somehow or in the early 2000s, in my mind, with a very easy and relaxed feel. Also, the extremely affordable food and drinks made it feel like a place where everyone is welcome.

Brits Benidorm photo collection

Oliver, wrote Carter, had a great deal of fun photographing people battling to stay on on the “lethal” bucking bull, above—a popular feature at The Red Lion pub.

The 01706 publication can be bought online for £12.00.

Author’s note: The images used to illustrate this report are YouTube screenshots and are not part of Jackson’s collection

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