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Satisfaction with Benidorm’s beaches continues to rise

A summer survey shows 87.95% of holidaymakers are delighted with the resort's beaches—an increase of more than three percent over 12 years.

by Barry Duke
Satisfaction with Benidorm's beaches continues to rise

Last year Benidorm’s longest beach, Poniente, lost it cherished Blue Flag status. There were fears that the loss would impact negatively on tourism, but this simply did not happen.

Image courtesty of the Foundation for Environmental Education

In fact, a satisfaction index showed that people were more happy with all Benidorm’s beaches and their facilities than they were when the Mabrian Tourist Intelligence tool began collecting data in 2015.

In June Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reported that UK tabloids sensationalised the withdrawal of the Poniete Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education based in Denmark.

The Express, not renowned for its accuracy, reported on the Blue Flag loss, and declared:

Poniente Beach is a favourite with British tourists in Benidorm.

This is simply not true.

Most tourists from the UK gather at Levante beach. El Confidencial reported:

The British market rarely leaves its preferred area: Levante. However, Poniente is the refuge of the Spanish family tourist.

The paper also reported that the Poniete area is experiencing a real estate boom that has seen a succession of futurist skyscrapers taking root close to the beach. Two Sunset Waves buildings are located in the immediate vicinity, and there are two TM Inmobiliaria towers that make up new Sunset Cliffs residential complex. One is still under construction.

An artist’s impression of the twin Sunset Cliffs residential towers. Behind them is the recently completed Sunset Waves complex. Image courtesy of TM Inmobiliaria.

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