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A Cautionary Tale from Benidorm: The Importance of Medical Insurance

by Geoff Gartland

Just this week, one of my clients experienced an unexpected setback while on holiday in Benidorm—she broke her foot. This threw a wrench in her holiday plans and exposed the high costs of medical care that can catch us off-guard. Here are my holiday safety tips, and I’ll explain why emergency medical coverage is essential.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Medical Insurance

holiday medical insurance
Enjoy peace of mind on your holiday with the security of medical insurance.

Many travellers, especially those heading to sunny spots like Benidorm, might not consider the need for medical insurance. Caught up in the excitement of beaches, nightlife, and sightseeing, it’s easy to forget that accidents can happen anytime. Unfortunately, without coverage, these accidents can lead to substantial financial strain.

Thankfully, my client’s medical insurance covered everything from the emergency services she needed initially to her subsequent medical appointments. Without this coverage, she could have faced thousands in bills, turning a relaxing break into a stress-filled ordeal.

The Benefits of Being Insured

One advantage of having medical insurance during your holiday is peace of mind. It means you can enjoy your getaway fully, knowing you’re covered if something goes wrong. Moreover, many travel insurance plans offer extra services like assistance with lost prescriptions, connections to reputable doctors and hospitals, and even emergency evacuations.

Choosing the Right Insurance

benidorm travel insurance
Choosing the right medical insurance for your trip is crucial – think carefully to ensure you’re fully covered!

Selecting the proper medical insurance for your trip requires careful consideration. Think about how long you’ll be away, what activities you’ll engage in, and any health conditions you might have. Read the details of your policy to know exactly what’s included and what’s not.

emergency medical cover
Don’t let unexpected events overshadow your time in Benidorm.

Don’t Risk Your Holiday

As your dedicated Resort Expert, I’m here to help you find the perfect medical insurance plan that matches your needs and budget. Contact me today, and let’s make sure your holiday is as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Stay safe and savvy while you travel!

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