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Experience Benidorm Like Never Before with Resort Expert Geoff Gartland

by Geoff Gartland

I specialise in turning Benidorm holidays into personalised adventures that you will cherish forever. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all travel advice and discover a bespoke holiday crafted just for you.

Why Choose Me as Your Travel Companion

Beyond Brochures

I delve beyond the glossy brochures to offer you insider knowledge that transforms your stay. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly all-inclusive package or a thrilling solo adventure, I have the expertise to cover all your travel needs. My personalised approach ensures that every aspect of your holiday is tailored to your tastes and interests.

I offer more than glossy brochures, providing expert advice and insider insights.

Your In- Resort Companion

When you book with me, you get more than a travel agent; you get a companion right in the resort, dedicated to making your journey seamless and stress-free. Contact me now for exclusive benefits and start your holiday with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Book with me for in-resort assistance in case anything unexpected happens.

Tailored Just For You

Are you tired of generic travel tips? My services are crafted to reflect your individual preferences, ensuring that your holiday is uniquely yours. From choosing the perfect accommodation to recommending hidden gems, my personalised advice is designed to delight and inspire.

Unlocking the secrets to your perfect holiday! Tailored just for you.

Why Benidorm

Breathtaking Beauty

From the golden sands of its pristine beaches to the captivating views of the cityscapes, Benidorm is a place of stunning natural beauty. Each vista promises postcard-perfect memories that last a lifetime.

The Mirador del Castillo in the Old Town offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea.

Diverse Experiences

Benidorm offers something for everyone. Thrill-seekers can dive into the vibrant nightlife, families will find countless attractions and activities, and culture enthusiasts can explore local historical sites and museums. There’s always something new to discover.

Fun for everyone from theme parks to boat trips and cultural experiences.

Endless Sunshine

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Benidorm guarantees an enjoyable and radiant escape anytime you choose to visit. The warm, welcoming climate is perfect for both adventure and relaxation.

Benidorm, where the sun has always got his hat on!

Local Flavours

Indulge in the rich tapestry of local cuisine, from fresh seaside seafood to robust, authentic Spanish dishes. Dining in Benidorm is an experience in itself, flavoured with tradition and crafted with passion.

When it comes to eating out, choose rom tapas to fish and chips, the choice is yours!

About Me

Having lived in Benidorm for over 30 years, I have become deeply embedded in the local culture and community. Fluent in Spanish, I offer invaluable insights and tips that enhance every aspect of your holiday. Whether you’re a first-time visitor eager to explore or a returning guest looking for new experiences, my extensive knowledge of the resort transforms a typical holiday into an extraordinary adventure. Visit my blog for more insights: Benidorm Travel Mart.

Services Offered

As a licensed travel agent with Resort Experts LTD and an authorised agent for Jet2Holidays, easyJet holidays, and TUI holidays, I specialise in creating memorable and secure travel experiences. My services include:

  • Group bookings tailored to larger parties or families.
  • ATOL-protected packages, offering low deposits and interest-free payments.
  • Accommodation deals with free cancellation, providing flexibility and peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive protection with Protected Trust Services, ensuring that all holidays are financially secure.


Choose me, Geoff Gartland, for a holiday that goes beyond the ordinary. With my expertise, passion, and deep-rooted knowledge of Benidorm, I am dedicated to ensuring that your vacation is nothing short of spectacular. Contact me today to start planning the holiday of a lifetime!

Reach out and transform your holiday into an adventure filled with cherished moments!

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