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Benidorm 2022 Holidays: Sorting the facts from the fiction

by Benidorm Travel Mart

With direct flights from the UK to Benidorm making this superb resort easy to get to, it boasts everything you need for a fantastic holiday in Spain. Here are 11 fun facts about Benidorm which may surprise you!

1: 300+ skyscrapers

Stand on the seafront in Benidorm and you will see why many have referred to it as the New York of the Mediterranean. Benidorm boasts over three hundred skyscrapers, with a vast array of fabulous shops, boutiques, hotels, and bars all situated within the city center. 

Photo by Dimitry Anikin via Pexels

2: Over 5 million people visit Benidorm each year

Benidorm is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain and attracts millions of visitors, especially British, each year. The beautiful sandy beaches, thriving nightlife, overwhelming choice of hotels, and sizzling summer sunshine are just a few of the things that make Benidorm holidays so appealing to tourists. Benidorm offers an excellent range of popular Spanish dishes, as well as many international cuisines, including Indian and Chinese. Whether you are planning a relaxing family vacation or a fun-packed getaway with friends, Benidorm has something for everyone.

3: The town is one of the most culturally diversified in Europe

Benidorm is popular with people from all over the world due to its climate and quality of life. All year round, over 75,000 residents are made up of over 100 nationalities making it one of the most diversely cultural cities in Europe.

Photo by Trần Long. Image via Pexels

4: It has one of the healthiest climates in Europe

Situated in the southeast of Spain, Benidorm is known as Europe’s sunniest spot, boasting a sub-tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters, and is one of the healthiest climates in Europe. With warm weather and unpolluted air, it has an average temperature between 18°C – 28°C throughout the year.  

On rare occasions it experiences some heavy downpours, followed by scenes like this:

Photo by Barry Duke

5: People wrongly believe that Benidorm was once a fishing village.

A visionary mayor, Pedro Zaragoza, turned Benidorm from a sleepy village into the vibrant Mediterranean seaside resort it is today. When he was first elected in 1950, this village had little economic activity, few businesses, and no tourists. By 1969, Benidorm had grown from 8,000 to 55,000 inhabitants and several million tourists annually visited this beautiful stretch of golden Mediterranean coastline. Benidorm holidays were well and truly on the tourist map!

Spain’s long history of fishing created the myth that Benidorm was a fishing village when in fact it never was.  The fishermen of Benidorm were actually deep sea fishermen who spent many months in the Atlantic, South America and north of Spain. They were famous all over Spain for their skills with trap netting and were much sought after in the 18th century.

Vintage image of old Benidorm via Loek van Weezep/YouTube

6: It’s a myth that all of Benidorm’s beach is imported from Africa

The beaches are an important part of what truly makes this resort so special, and one of the myths that literally drives the most tourists here is their belief that the stunning golden sand is sent over from Morocco. This is untrue – a fact that really gives the resort its charming edge, along with some other amazing features. Benidorm beaches make for a fantastic holiday.

7: There are over 1,000 bars and 200 clubs

Benidorm is a destination that appeals to a wide range of tastes, with everything you could want for an unforgettable all-night party. With over two hundred clubs and one thousand bars, you’ll never be at a loss when looking for somewhere to go out. From lively pubs and dance clubs to all-night raves and outdoor music festivals, there’s something for everyone who wants to stay up late. The British, Irish, Dutch, and Spanish culture means that you’ll have no problem finding a pub or bar where everyone speaks your language. You can use this link to search for summer 2022 holidays

8: Benidorm is Europe’s stag and hen party capital

Putting it simply, Benidorm offers everything you could possibly want from a stag or hen weekend—warm weather and stunning beaches, cheap booze, and world-famous nightlife.
The Playa de Levante beach is where you’ll find all the action, you can expect any kind of wild partying in buzzing bars and clubs. A stag or hen weekend in Benidorm promises to be one of the best weekends of your life. Check out Benidorm Stag & hen Weekends if you want to know more.

9: First in Spain for bikinis

A ban on bikinis in most parts of Spain was short-lived, due to the efforts of former Mayor Pedro Zaragoza. Zaragoza managed to convince Spain’s former Dictator, General Franco, to lift the ban and allow women to wear their favorite bikini’s. This historic event helped to make the resort even more popular as beach lovers flocked to the region.

10: Benidorm ranks 14th largest city in Spain

The popularity of Benidorm has made it Spain’s 14th largest city, with official records showing that there are around 75,000 residents living in the area. The city boasts 3500 shops, 2000 bars and restaurants, and 400 hotels from budget to boutique and five-star luxury.

11: Benidorm has a thriving Gay scene

Enjoy as many as 30 small and intimate gay bars and eateries all only a hop and a skip from each other. One of the biggest events on the LGBTQ calendar is the Benidorm Pride Festival, one of the largest in Europe, celebrated in September and attracts around 30,000 visitors.

Renowned Spanish model Juan Torregrosa pictured in Benidorm during one of the resort’s Pride events. Photo by Barry Duke.

Why choose Benidorm for your summer 2022 holiday?

Benidorm has everything you could wish for and more. It’s a highly popular holiday destination, and there are plenty of reasons why that is.

There are many shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment options in Benidorm to keep you busy during the day and at night.

The people are friendly, helpful, and welcoming and there’s something for everyone in Benidorm; whatever your age or type of holiday you have in mind.

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