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Free standing ATMs or Automatic Thieving Machines in Benidorm should be avoided—here’s why

Listen to Harry and steer clear of the resort's many street ATMs

by Barry Duke

As far back as 2019, a fella called Harry posted a video to Facebook about a massive increase of ATMs in and around Benidorm, saying that, in six months, more than 100 had appeared on the streets. Since then a great many more have appeared.

Harry’s advice to holidaymakers using cards linked to non-Euro bank accounts was: Avoid them like the plague!

Why? Because, in essence, they are electronic thieves.

Harry pointed out that these machines will try to force you to withdraw “huge amounts of money, up to £1,000.” In doing so they will provide an awful rate of exchange, and you’ll get around 20% less than you would do if you were to use bank cash points, of which there is no shortage.

To add insult to injury these ATMs will additionally impose a withdrawal fee—normally around £5.00. Watch this recent update on YouTube by Lucy, The Benidorm Enthusiast about these free-standing cash machines.

A European-wide scam

These street machines are, of course, not confined to Benidorm. They are sprouting up like mushrooms in all major European holiday destinations, and are making billions for the companies that operate them.

free standing cash machines benidorm
Image via YouTube

Another good reason to avoid these machines is that, if your card happens to be “swallowed” by one, you may have to wait for a week or longer to get it back. In fact, in some cases, you won’t get it back at all because these machines are susceptible to tampering, and your card will be taken and used by thieves.

On the other hand, if your card is, for some reason, retained by a bank’s ATM, you can go in and ask for it back, either immediately or, if it’s shut, the following day.

How to spot ATM tampering

Worryingly it’s not only freestanding ATMs that are being targeted by scammers. In December 2021 Love Money offered advice on how to spot ATMs that may have been “customised” to record your PINs.

Nowadays, more than ever, holidaymakers—Brits in particular who, due to the UK’s cost of living crisis—are having to watch every penny. So people must take all necessary steps to avoid getting ripped off when at home or traveling abroad.

It’s also wise to always inform your home bank that you are going on holiday abroad. That way they will be expecting some withdrawals from your account in, say, Benidorm, which attracts millions of Brits each year.

If you don´t do this you run the risk of having your card blocked.

Money exchange shops

If you choose to turn your hard-earned pounds into euros at one of the resort’s many money exchange outlets, you could be in for a shock.

These outlets have boards outside that show current rates of exchange, but these relate to transactions involving £1,000 or more. This is not made clear, so always get a quote. Walk away if you’re offered less than current rates. Exchange Places to Avoid in Benidorm

Back in 2019, in a video called “BEWARE of these 5 things in Benidorm” Asa Elliott showed how an elderly UK couple were, in essence, robbed when they changed £60.00 into euros (at the time the exchange rate was a lousy £1.11. Now it’s hovering around £1.16.

Image via YouTube

Bottom line: You’re here to kick back and enjoy all the wonderful things Benidorm has to offer—day and night—but always keep in mind that you can be fleeced in ways that are both legal and illegal.

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