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Why the Costa Blanca attracts rock climbers from across the globe

by Barry Duke
Why the Costa Blanca attracts rock climbers from across the globe | rock climber

Most people who visit travel sites such as Benidorm Travel Mart will be aware of that of the enormous number of attractions that can be found along the Costa Blanca, but few know that rock climbers from around the globe come to this region of Spain where you can find some of the finest bolted limestone crags in the country.

Spain Info reports that there there are two main areas. One is the Sella crag, situated about 20km inland from Villajoyosa on the AP-7 motorway.

Sella remains the most popular area in the Costa Blanca. UK Climbing says:

There is enough climbing to spend a whole week’s holiday here, although other areas are worth a visit too! The most popular section is the long ridge in the centre of the valley which has a superb series of south-facing walls and buttresses.

The site adds:

In hot weather the north-facing Pared de Rosalía is well-worth considering. With its fine long routes in the mid and harder grades. Further along the road from the main area is the Mecca for hard rock climbers, called the Hidden Valley. You can’t really miss the final jewel in the crown. The Divino sits majestically above everything and is worth attention from all those rock climbers who demand a bit more from their climbing.

Perfect for less experienced rock climbers

For less experienced rock climbers who wish to use Benidorm as a base, there’s a “baby” mountain at neighboring La Cala. It can prove an arduous climb. But it’s worth it for at its peak there’s the Renaissance watchtower of l’Aguilò.

A view from the top of La Cala’s mountain. Photo credit: Barry Duke.

The Torre de l’Aguilo was built in the 1500s to protect the coastline from North African pirates.  The tower was manned by soldiers whose job was to spot any incoming ships and give a warning by lighting a signal fire on the top platform.  It has been fully restored, and there is a modern metal staircase that takes you into the tower itself. However, when I visited it was firmly shut and padlocked.

There are two routes but the longest is the easiest and begins on the road as you head out of La Cala from the beach. The entrance is on the left, it’s a comfortable path to walk with some steep climbs, so go with appropriate footwear.  At the foot of the tower, the views are breathtaking and there are places to rest while contemplating the landscape.

If you continue down the other side you will find a small enclave where you can swim and sunbathe in the nude at a beach called Raco Conill.

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